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Ryan Roberts


Ryan is the founder of The Millennial Preacher. Ryan has served in ministry since 2012 with the foundation of Generation House Church. His ministry seeks to recapture the purity and fraternal bond found in the original example laid fourth by the disciples and apostles in the Bible.



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While Ryan was helping to lead Generation he served with various churches and Christian organizations in the Gainesville area. Much of this time was spent breaching the lines of denomination and sought to unite like minded, young Christians in the mission to pray for, evangelize and love the Hall County community. Ryan and the crew spent time walking the streets of downtown Gainesville, praying for revival to come to the North Georgia area. During this time Ryan learned how to provide ministry to the homeless, preach to the young and the young at heart, lead small groups and authored his personal blog. 

Ryan became involved with a new Church plant in the Gainesville YMCA, where he learned how to launch a new ministry, and carry out vision and mission. While serving with the new plant Ryan studied World Religions at Gainesville State College, where he visited various worship services of other belief systems. This experience aided in him learning how to connect and reach people groups outside of his comfort zone.

In 2014 Generation House Church began to dissolve and the congregation went their own way. After receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit: Ryan felt lead to leave the remnant of the House Church to begin serving in ministry at Christ Fellowship Church in Dawsonville, GA.


After serving on the youth leadership team for a period, Ryan joined the staff as an intern under the stewardship of Pastors Todd Smith and Marty Darracott. During his time as an intern Ryan was given opportunities to preach to both adult and youth congregations, learned media skills, how to adapt to various situations, helped to lead a food bank, participated in world missions, build online ministries, learned how to raise funds and participated in staff meetings. Ryan also completed 3 years in KINEO Ministry Training Center.


Eventually Ryan joined the support staff and helped with discipleship classes and served as an interim youth pastor and often assisted the senior staff. Ryan also received his Ministry License & Ordination from CFC. 

Following a 21 day fast, in February of 2018 revival broke out at Christ Fellowship! Since then CFC is the host of the

North Georgia Revival, as of June of 2019 over 6,000 have been baptized and countless others have traveled from all around the world to receive a fresh touch from the Lord and miraculous healing. Under the stewardship of his pastors Ryan has served during the revival, helping to minster and lead.


Ryan continues to grow in his experience and wisdom as he serves on the Pastoral staff at The EDGE Church in Gainesville, GA. Ryan feels a great call to one day plant and pastor a new Church with a vision to reach every generation. Ryan continues to author his blog under the name: The Millennial Preacher, and has a dream to bring revival to his generation. Ryan finds great joy in planting and disciplining people to their God-given potential. In 2019 Ryan established The Millennial Preacher Podcast. The show tackles tough subjects, hosts interviews with today's leaders and reaches far beyond four walls. Ryan authored a discipleship guide: "The RESTORE Discipleship Process" and is currently working on two new books: "His" and "Caffeinated Christianity", both aimed at raising the bar for the next generation and calling the Church to reclaim it's inheritance. Ryan is also available for speaking and ministry request. 


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Ryan Roberts Ministries is currently working to become a standalone 501c3 Non Profit. This process is one that is lengthy but will enable us to reach more people with the Gospel message, provide resources and materials and be more effective at our mission. We will add more info here soon at how you can help us get to that milestone by becoming a Covenant Partner.

In the meantime thank you for partnering with us in prayer.


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