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Jesus in the Church of Today

So it's no real secret... I really love Church. Or do I???

Let me preference by saying this: when I first truly accepted Christ as my savior I didn't really like and certainly didn't love what I knew to be Church. If you have read some of my previous blog posts you know that I had been raised with a certain ideal of what Church was and what it should be in your life. As a small child we attended a small, traditional and denominational church. I wont say that this church was necessarily bad or wrong but I challenged some of the ideas that it represented. It lead me to question if church was necessary or even if God existed. I felt that there probably was a god but I didn't know if it was Jesus or the Christian God. I didn't understand why our denomination was right and all others was wrong. I didn't learn much of anything from this Church but to question everything. When I got a little older I stopped attending church and life spiraled into craziness... (another story for another time) I didn't find any reason to believe what I had been told was right. After high school I began to deal with my own depression and inner feelings and I secret began to explore this idea of god. I settled that God must be but maybe there were many paths. A friend of mine invited me (by tricking me) to going to a church service with him. This Church was very modern. Worship was phenomenal, lights were breathtaking and the atmosphere was enticing. Could this be the Church my soul was so desperately aching for? I searched on. If you know my story you know I gave my life to Christ one cold January night all alone in my bedroom with a poorly understood football camp Bible and a deep question in my heart. God answered me that night and I knew then that He was real and that He sent Jesus to find me because all other paths to "god" leave us empty, void and guilty. Making a long story short I did seek out Church and I found a world of big, beautiful buildings, tasty coffee bars, insane (in a good way) atmospheric bands and untouchable preachers. (BTW all of which I'm convinced are not bad, if used appropriately and not worshiped)

The story continues...

These things too can leave you just as empty and void. The guilt may very well still be there with out radical discipleship, accountability, teaching and personal devotion to prayer, worship and study. Ultimately it's the relationship with Jesus that changes the heart. The fancy "new" ways we do church are just as minimal as the traditional pews and hymnals, just more mesmerizing. Don't get me wrong, it's no secret I love church! OR do I? I think I mean I love the facility. I love the show. I love the experience. Again: I'm not saying these things are bad but they can't change the heart. I love an atmosphere of freedom and great performance that rings praises to God but God isn't looking for a cage we build for Him... He's attracted to the person's heart. And that word... the C word... that Church word is so poorly defined and used in our culture. Christ's Church (you know the one He's returning for) isn't a building or a belief system. Nor is it a show or a concert. The Church cannot be minimized to the way we choose to "do church". No the church cannot be glamorized to be appealing but rather His church is His people united. It's a heart beat of one. It's the driving force in evangelism. It's the call to the nations. It's the love for the broken. It's the hear behind serving and it's the timeless echo of Christ's teaching to GO and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Today I heard Bishop T.D. Jakes teaching. I added a few things but his statements are as follows:

Imagine if Jesus stepped into the Church today... Jesus never saw an usher. He never saw a building committee. He never met a greeter. He never saw a deacon. He never attended the elder board. Jesus never saw a choir. Jesus never had nor held a board meeting. He didn't have a café or coffee bar. Jesus didn't have a nursery. He didn't have any media center. "Imagine what we would have to teach Jesus about what we call Church?!? "-Bishop T.D. Jakes Gosh this hit me like a ton of bricks... I'm still prone to seek out Church but it's not a building or a new facility. These are simply gathering places. They can be big, small, showy or simple.. it's doesn't matter where you choose to worship it matters that you do. The CHURCH is not the 50 places I pass on my way to work. The CHURCH is in me and it grows when I share or rather introduce Jesus. That is the Church I really love. Did this post help, hurt or getcha thinking?? Comment and let me know your thoughts and remember sharing is kind!!

God answered me that night and I knew then that He was real and that He sent Jesus to find me because all other paths to "god" leave us empty, void and guilty.

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