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The Millennial Preacher is a "highly caffeinated" Christian Ministry. The official Ministry of Pastor Ryan Roberts.

It's fueled by a passion to see the world wide Church wake up to it's God given potential and to get back to the origins of the early Church. That is the example laid fourth by the earliest days of evangelism, humanitarian aid, miracles, signs, wonders and fraternal bond found in the Gospels and the Acts.

We value:

1. Preaching the Gospel through the way we live.

2. Reaching beyond denomination & tradition. 

3. Personal revival of the heart, spirit and soul.

4. A consistent, evolving relationship with Jesus.

The Millennial Preacher is made up of a select group of contributors with various levels of ministerial gifts.

Ryan Roberts is the founder, author, podcast host and visionary


Learn more about Ryan here. 


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Why Caffeinated?



caf·​feine | \ ka-ˈfēn  , ˈka-ˌfēn\

: a substance found especially in coffee and tea that makes a person feel more awake

We believe in a caffeinated life, an AWAKE, ALERT & READY life. One that doesn't deny the Holy Spirit, one that learns how to hear the voice of God. A life that is supernaturally inspired and fully operational both in season and out of season. 

We don't sit and wait but we go forward with marching orders from Christ. We are strong and bold like a strong cup of coffee and by the way we love coffee.

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